Viburnum trilobum-Cranberry Viburnum


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Named for the ruby red colored fruit that looks something like the cranberries growing in bogs. Hardy adaptable shrub that likes living in the shadows of a forest canopy, more so than being in wide open sunny spaces. Usually grows to about 6 ft-10 ft tall, multi-stemmed; likes rich organic soils, but can tolerate less fertile loamy soils as well. In Ogunquit, ME along the beautiful seaside Marginal Way Trail, this species has naturalized on the southern end of the trail, which surprised me when we first observed them growing there. That’s one more thing we can add to this wonderful plant’s resume; tolerant of sea side conditions (which is something I wouldn’t have wagered on). Off white flowers emerge in Spring when they are visited mostly by wasp and bee (Hymenopteran) type pollinators. Also called Crampbark, this species has a number of medicinal uses associated with it. The fruit is loved by birds and even we can eat the fruit too.
15′-18″ single stemmed plants in 2 gallon pots, $26 each


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