Viburnum dentatum-Arrowood


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Most often associated with open moist to wet areas in the wild, such as power line right of ways. Multi-stemmed plants typically growing upright, straight as an arrow. White flower clusters about the size of a tennis ball come out in the spring and attract large numbers of varied insect pollinators. Those flowers give way to a similar sized cluster of azure blue fruit, which are eagerly consumed by birds. It’s hard to get the seed collection just right on this species, because the birds eat them so quickly. I use this as an important metric, that is, the time it takes for the fruit to completely disappear after it ripens. This tell us us how important certain species are to birds, and guides us in choosing the most high impact plants to landscape with. This is one of the higher impact shrubs; it provides shelter, food for pollinators, and food for birds. This species can harbor viburnum leaf beetle.

$25, 2 gallon pot,18″-24″ height


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