Symphyotrichum novae-angliae-New England aster (bare root)


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Spectacular blooms of pink, purple, and magenta daisy heads are a critical late season food source for migrating butterflies like monarchs, painted and American lady butterflies, and bees. This species is an ideal choice for pollinator stations and naturalizing. They seed freely so you may find them growing up or down the road from where you planted them. Tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions from poor to moderate fertility, sun to part shade. No need to buy mums or those artificial looking asters in the fall, this is the real deal.

Many folks pass these by because they “flop” over as they mature, obscuring the glorious flower display. This is a classic matter of knowing your plant and how it grows-the right plant in the right place. New England Aster will gorge if it is planted in rich organic soil, the stem becoming weak, unable to hold its own weight. In the wild these plants grow in poor low nutrient soils, they stand erect for the whole world to admire through-out flowering. So, a simple solution; say no to the organic amendments.

Bare root plants, seed grown-MOFGA certified.



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