Symphyotrichum laevis-Smooth aster (bare root)


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Asters rule the world. I’ve pretty much convinced myself of this. When you look out across the native plant landscape starting around mid summer all the way through to the frosty end of the season, asters are the dominant flowers-New England asters, goldenrods, boneset, big leaf aster, big Joe Pye’s and on and on. Smooth aster is one of the gang, growing in open fields and field edges, up to 3 feet tall, with tangibly smooth leaves. The pretty bluish-purple flowers start blooming in September will often keep on blooming right into the fall, keeping the doors open for all of those late season pollinators. Smooth aster is the host plant for the Pearl crescent butterfly and the Wavy lined emerald moth.
Save some money! This plant available bare root, April-early May only, order early. $12.00
Seed grown, MOFGA certified organic.




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