Solidago sempervirens-Seaside goldenrod


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Seaside goldenrod has carved out a niche for itself in one of the hardest places to grow, the ocean shoreline. Nearly constant wind, fast draining, nutrient poor soils, salt in the air, salt in the soil, and salt from the splashing ocean water excludes most plants, and many of the ones that can tolerate this environment look all the worse for the wear. But seaside goldenrod thrives here and is a golden gem in the rough. Bright chrome yellow heads of flowers come out in mid summer, accentuated by those beautiful succulent sea-foam green, waxy leaves. These plants are wonderful choices for hell strips; those nasty pieces of land trapped between sidewalk and road, that are beat up by the snowplow, pummeled with de-icing salt, and blasted by the sun.

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