Prunus virginiana-Choke cherry


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The plants we have for sale have have been growing in the field for the last few years and are ready to be dug. This is a surprisingly hard to find species in the trade, even though it is quite common in the wild. It’s often hiding out on the edges of fields and roads, growing among the company of other trees and shrubs. Tolerant of lower nutrient acidic soils, part shade to sun, well drained upland soils. Perfect choice for a native shrub hedge. Produces pendulous strings of vibrant white flowers in the spring followed by dangling strings of dazzling burgundy cherries in the late July. Thicket forming species that’s best characterized as a shrub. Although a wonderful shrub for wildlife, the seed containing fruit can be poisonous if ingested in large quantities. Larval host plant for the spectacular Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.

Our plants are field grown, so place orders early in the season.

$50, 5 gallon pot, 2ft-3ft height


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