Penstemon digitalis-Foxglove Beardtongue


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Clump forming perennial that grows in field and roadsides, where it can tolerate a variety of soils. Can deal with some shade, but prefers sunnier locals. Excellent bumble bee plant. If you study the flowers you will see a faint orange line leading into the center of the white or pinkish lowers. This shows up very brightly in the uv spectrum, which bees can see, and acts like a trail, showing the way to where the food is. Leaves are a dark lustrous green to a crimson red color. The variety ‘Husker Red’ was developed from this species, found at most every garden center.
And what about that name, how could you not love a a tongue that is a beard?  Thankfully, this plant is much more attractive than the image of a hairy tongue.

$20, 2 gallon pot size, organically grown plants from seed, MOFGA certified




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