Monarda fistulosa-Wild bergamot (bare root)


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This versatile member of the mint family grows across much of North America in full sun to part shade sporting unique pinkish to purple flowers attractive to many pollinators, including hummingbirds. Many of our Monarda’s can be prone to powdery mildew. Used to seeing this, I was flabbergasted when I came across a whole field of it growing in southwestern MA, with not a powdery mildew stained leaf anywhere. The bedrock there was limestone, which made the soils very basic. Our soils are quite the opposite here in ME, being acidic for the most part. This observation suggested that a lime application may benefit these plants in cultivation. Aromatic leaves can be made into tea. Organically grown from seed. Starts to bloom in mid to late July. Certain individuals sport attractive lavender colored stems, most are a pale sea-green color.

Save some money! This plant available bare root, April-early May only, order early. $12.00


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