Echinacea pupurea-Purple coneflower


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Purple coneflower is a species that is native to the Ozark and mid-western areas of our country and and can be found across MI, KY, TN, GA and into VA. I typically only sell plants that are native to Maine and northern New England, BUT this one deserves its exceptional status. It thrives here in southern Maine and attracts butterflies like you can only dream about; big showy species like fritillaries, monarchs, admirals, skippers, hairstreaks, and painted ladies. Will grow in full sun to part shade, tolerates drier loamy soils but really appreciates a little extra moisture and organic matter. So even though this one isn’t native to the area, it’s butterfly feeding prowess earns itself a place in your garden.
2 gal size, $16.00 (Seed grown, MOFGA certified organic.)


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