Diervilla lonicera-Bush honeysuckle


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Honeysuckles! Our first thought is non-native invasive Asiatic species like Morrow’s. Relax; we do have a few native species of honeysuckle, like this one. Bush honeysuckle can be found in shade to sun, it competes best in dry, well drained, poor soils (who hasn’t got those conditions in at least a few places on their property?); attractive yellow flowers bloom in late June and turn orange after they are pollinated. With time, forms nice drifts of multi-stemmed plants, looks particularly good when planted on hillsides. The height of this shrub is one of its most useful features in the landscape, it fills the size niche that few other shrubs can; it’s not a creepy crawly like bearberry, a bit taller and less persnickety to get established than lowbush blueberry. The size can be a disadvantage for the attention deficit gardener, as it can be quickly out gunned by taller growing brambles, invasives, and natives. Keep it cleared of competition for best results, and watch it evolve into dreamy drifts.

2 gallon pots, 1 ft high, $25



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