Clethra alnifolia-Summersweet


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This is such a common plant in the trade, where it has festooned into so many cultivars, it is hard to believe that it’s a rare native plant for the state of Maine; southern Maine is at the northern end of this plant’s natural range. When you get further south into New England it becomes very common. It has a strong association with gravelly cobble that can be found around certain lakes and ponds here in southern Maine. In cultivation it grows well in loamy garden soil that has good moisture retention. Intensely fragrant flowers reminds me of a narcissus; that sort of stinky-sweet, heavy fragrance that lingers in the humid air of summer. Pollinators, including hummingbirds, love them. Multi-stemmed growth habit typically growing waist high. Starts flowering in late July. A plucky landscaper planted this in the hellacious parking lot islands of our local Walmart, and to my surprise, it does really well there!

15″to 18″ high, 2 gallon pot size, $30 each



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