Clematis virginiana-Virgins bower


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One of just a few native Clematis species, not at all like the flamboyant hybrid cultivars that are usually of east Asian origin. These flowers are much smaller, about the size of the finger nail on your index finger and are an off white color. What the flowers lack in size they make up for by the sheer numbers produced; a modestly sized plant can support hundreds of flowers . An excellent choice for trellising or running up and over an arbor. This species covers well in the horizontal plane as well; I have seen it draping itself over stonewalls and low growing shrubs. Attracts lots of smaller sized bee like pollinators when it blooms in late July. Even the seeds look cool when they mature in September, looking like wild haired shrunken heads, or tendrilly spiders! This one is a real show stopper.

$20, 2 gallon size, seed grown, MOFGA certified organic.



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