Chamerion angustifolium-Fire weed


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There’s that “weed” suffix again! Why do early pioneering species have to bare the burden of such a bad rap? We hamfisted humans should be grateful to species that have the miraculous healing ability of being able to grow on land that has been ravaged by fire or razed by the plow. Anyone who has ever seen a large patch of fireweed in bloom will have that image singed into their memory; the luminous, almost neon shade of red-pink positively radiates. As an added bonus the shoots, leaves, and flowers are all edible; the early spring shoots are referred to as the “Asparagus of the North”. The flowers and buds can be used for a captivating garnish and can be made into fireweed jelly. Fireweed is the larval host plant to the super-fly white lined sphinx moth. Attractive to hummingbirds! Grows 2-3 feet tall, in full sun to part shade, moist to dry soils. Flowers in mid-summer.
2 gallon size, $18 (Seed grown, MOFGA certified organic.)




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