Betula populifolia-Gray birch


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This is one of the first woody plants (besides invasive honeysuckles, barberry, multiflora rose, and bittersweet) to appear in abandoned fields and pastures. They are able to grow in poor depleted soils, from full sun to part shade (Hey! That sounds like a lot of peoples lawns!) and stays a lot smaller than other birch species like river birch and paper birch. The trunks never get more than a few inches in diameter and they typically grow to 15 ft or taller. They are used to great effect when planted in clusters or groups, which also helps them support one another in the event of an ice storm or heavy wet snow, when they gracefully bend towards the ground. But even if they do, they will almost always spring right back up to the vertical position, and aren’t as prone to breakage as many non-native ornamentals (it’s almost like they are adapted to these conditions ?!). White bark is not quite as bright as paper birch, and the trunks have more black markings than paper birch. Typically produce a lot of seed which feeds critters of all types well into the winter.
3ft-4ft plants in 2 gallon pots, $34 each




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