Amsonia tabernaemontana-Willowleaf blue star


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In its native haunts, eastern bluestar can be found growing in moist to wet woods and along lake shores in Massachusetts, where it’s at the northern end of it’s range. Being the versatile plant that it is, it grows very well in upland garden soils here in southern Maine. A fairly early bloomer coming out in May, the unique and beautiful sky blue flowers have recurved petals, giving the appearance of streaking through the sky. Lanceolate willow-like leaves turn a marvelous golden yellow in the fall before they succumb to heavy frosts. This plant throws down a deep tuberous root system, so plant it where the soil has some depth to it. Tolerates full to part sun.
2 gal size,$16.00 (Seed grown, MOFGA certified organic.)



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