Acer spicatum, Mountain Maple




Mountain maple, as implied by it’s namesake, is quite common in mountainous areas, like the White Mountains of New Hampshire. But, it can also be found in areas that definitely are not mountainous; we actually have several areas of it here in Alfred, Maine. I find it associated with cool pockets in the landscape- heavily forested, often near a wetland or stream area, on or at the base of a north facing slope. In one spot it is growing near spicebush, in another spot it is growing next to a gravel road in a hemlock dominated forest. This understory shrub is certainly an obligate shade plant and is a perfect specimen for the shade garden. Most maples are wind pollinated, but this species appears to be insect pollinated; it has upright facing flowers with obvious flower petals. Grown from seed right here at Native Haunts.

12″-15″ plants in 3 gallon pots, $25 each