Native Plant Produce

Beach Plums

We have a reliable yearly crop of beach plums now available from our bushes that we planted out many years ago. I had always wanted to test out the feasibility of growing and offering this native produce and we are finally at that point. If this proves to be popular we have the room for multiple acres. Grown without pesticides, fungicides, or inorganic fertilizer.

I have heard many stories from parents and grand parents about how when they were children they used to collect beach plums to make into jelly, even down in the Ogunquit and Wells beach area of Maine. There are a few bushes left here or there, but fruit collection is no longer feasible due to habitat destruction, plant loss, and land access. This is an important piece of our ecological history and plant heritage that we can enjoy again, just in a more domesticated setting.

Our farm raised plums are ready for harvest in late August-early September. Please order by late July.

5-8 lbs usually available, cost is $6.00 per lb.

Pick up available on site, or we can deliver if close by.

Native Maine Produce